Fabrizio Cariani

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I am a philosopher at Northwestern University.

I am interested in meaning, uncertainty, agency, modality, collective attitudes, the open future, explanation, chance, mathematics, decisions, rationality and more. I can't write on everything in that list, so my projects have focused on the semantics of modals, and on issues in social epistemology.

email: f-cariani at northwestern.edu

Department of Philosophy, Northwestern University, Kresge Hall, 1880 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

'Will' Done Better: Selection Semantics, Future Credence, and Indeterminacy with Paolo Santorio
forthcoming. Mind
Chance, Credence and Circles
2017. Episteme
Consequence and Contrast in Deontic Semantics
2016. The Journal of Philosophy
Choice Points for a Modal Theory of Disjunction
2016. Topoi
Deontic Modals and Probabilities: One Theory to Rule Them All?
2016. Deontic Modality, N. Charlow and M. Chrisman (eds.), OUP.
Local Supermajorities
2016. Erkenntnis
Conditionals, Context and the Suppression Effect with Lance Rips
2016. Cognitive Science
Attitudes, Deontics and Semantic Neutrality
2014. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
Individual Coherence and Group Coherence with R. Briggs, K. Easwaran and B. Fitelson,
2014. Essays in Collective Epistemology, J. Lackey (ed.), OUP.
Deliberative Modality under Epistemic Uncertainty, with M. Kaufmann and S. Kaufmann
2013. Linguistics and Philosophy
Epistemic and Deontic Should
2013. Thought
Aggregating with Reason(s)
2013. Synthese
'Ought' and Resolution Semantics
2013. Noûs
Epistemology in Group Agency: Six Objections in Search of the Truth
2012. Episteme
Judgment Aggregation
2011. Philosophy Compass
Decision Framing in Judgment Aggregation with M. Pauly and J. Snyder
2008. Synthese