Fabrizio Cariani

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I am a philosopher at the University of Maryland, College Park.

I am interested in meaning, uncertainty, agency, modality, collective attitudes, the open future, explanation, chance, mathematics, decisions, rationality and more.

I can't write on everything in that list, so my projects have focused on the semantics of modals, and on issues in social epistemology.

I just finished wiriting a book on the way we think and talk about the future.

I am presently an editor at Philosopher's Imprint

email: fabrizio at umd.edu

Department of Philosophy Skinner Building University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742

The Modal Future
2021 Cambridge University Press
Experimenting with (Conditional) Perfection
forthcoming in Conditionals: Logic, Semantics, Psychology S. Kaufmann, D. Over, G. Sharma (eds.)
On Stalnaker's "Indicative Conditionals"
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